How To Choose Diapers Adult?

Diapers Adult fit the body like normal underwear, can be put on and taken off freely, and are full of elasticity, so there is no need to worry about overflowing urine. When choosing, pay attention to the product material, absorption, dryness, comfort, and degree of leakage prevention.

1. The absorption capacity of Adult Pants must be large. Due to the large amount of urine in adults, the natural absorption is also large. It will be very embarrassing if you choose an adult diaper with a small absorption capacity that cannot be completely absorbed and causes urine leakage.


2. Try to choose comfortable and lightweight Diaper For Adult. High-quality adult diapers will use virgin fluff pulp and advanced non-woven fabrics, which not only ensures absorption efficiency, but also is soft and comfortable without hurting the skin. In addition, in this way, adult diapers are also lighter, thinner and more breathable, and they can hardly be felt when worn on the body.

3. Adult pants with good leak-proof effect. If the leakage prevention effect is not good, it will cause more inconvenience for users to care. YOFOKE adult diapers are also very prominent in this regard. They have ultrasonic lamination patterns on the waist and sides of the organ, making the pull-up pants soft to the touch, not hurting the skin on the waist, and skin-friendly and comfortable. At the same time, there is also a double leak-proof design with a leak-proof guard + high elastic leg circumference and a high-waist over-hip design, which can effectively prevent urine from leaking.

Post time: Apr-15-2022